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Image of Inventory of Likeness #1

Inventory of Likeness #1

$60.00 - $90.00

The inventory of likeness consists of 16 similar shapes and their captions. The shapes come first, and then the caption makes sense of each variation.

Exploring the relationtionship between the two teaches us a lot about how what we see is influenced, if not conditionned, by language, and vice versa. The inventories use an archival format as a reminder that taxonomy and classification are constructions. The caption ("légende" in French), tends to be understood as a neutral definition of what merely is, almost a verbatim of the image. But in reality, "captionning" is an authoritative practice that derives its power from the cultural precedence of the word on the image.

The inventory #1 is about the lines, both material and metaphorical, that inhabit our lives.

This is a 18x24" screen print on Classic Crest Eggshell 320M, a beautiful off white paper with a light texture.

To know more about the project you can visit my blog : https://julienposture.com/Why-Inventory-of-Likeness

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